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Abdoquad AB Roller Abdominal Trainer



Name:Abdoquad AB Roller Abdominal Trainer

Product Category:Newest Fitness Product


1.The ABDOQUAD is a newly developed sports equipment for the training of the abdominal muscles.
2.Everyone can use it to progressively train the coveted six-pack without risking back injury and neck pain or other injury and posture problems. 
3.The ABDOQUAD is the only small device which replaces large expensive abdominal machines.
4.The training can also be controlled, that it is even used in rehab and physiotherapy. 
5.The ABDOQUAD is therefore suitable for every age group and every training condition.
6.It is small, light - portable and easy to store.
7.Suitable for home use.
8.It has no springs or brakes, instead it uses armrests and slanted handles, which makes the training effect much stronger.

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